Saturday, 21 July 2012


This quick and simple moustache vest stands out from the crowd, the moustache is detachable so there are many ways to wear it. For a more masculine touch, combine with a blazer for a very quirky bow tie!

You will need:
Black Fabric (preferably remnants)
Matching Thread
Tacking Thread
Safety Pin
Plain t-shirt/Vest

Step 1: First of all, draw out a template of a moustache on A4 paper, draw it landscape as big as you can so its proportionate with the top.

Step 2:     Once you are happy with the moustache, cut it out and pin it onto the black fabric.
Step 3: Next, using tailors chalk draw the outline onto the fabric (do this twice) and then cut both out.

Step 4: Place both cuttings on top of each other with right sides facing in. Pin and tack.

Step 5: Take out the pins and then sew half a cm away from the edge using a sewing machine with the matching thread. Remember to leave a gap so you can turn the fabric out to the right side.

Step 6: Now, pull out the tacking and turn the moustache inside out. Use a pick to get the ends out.
Step 7: Cut the stuffing up into small pieces and then stuff into the moustache.

Step 8: Using the matching thread, hand sew the hole up and on the back of the moustache, attach a safety pin.
Step 9: Attach the moustache to your top. Et fini!

Tell me what you think of this tutorial in the comments below or even show how yours turned out, I would love to hear from you!

Kat x

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