Wednesday, 31 October 2012


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Saturday, 27 October 2012


From the runway shows of Isabel Marant and Moschino, who would have thought dressing up like Jess from Toy Story would be so fashionable? Don't forget the influences on TV as well, such as the re-make of Dallas. The trend consists of; fringing, leather, denim and hats, but once again, you can create your western outfit with a collar! 

These Gold collar tips from Regal Rose, are perfect for an inspired Cowgirl look on a checked or denim shirt. Wear with some cut-off shorts (if it's warm enough!) Or either with a pair of flared or boyfriend jeans, for the denim look. If you want to get creative, the DIY bolo tie I made last August can add a Western touch, as well as being unique. So go and give it a go!

Other than collars, I'm loving Topshop's black ankle boots (above), they will practically go with anything! You can dress them up or down; by day, layer up with a skater dress, a checked shirt tied or unbuttoned and a grey wool blazer topped off with a fringed scarf. Then by night, go leather luxe, with a leather skirt (probably my favourite item for A/W), teamed with a sheer shirt and collar tips.

Yeehaa! I hope these ideas help as the Western look can sometimes be quite hard to pull off - I think the most effective way is by adding just a hint of it in an outfit, whether that's a bag, boots or a shirt. 

Experiment with the trend, see what works for you and I hope you are well!

Kat x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

STYLIZED: Walk about Town

The beginning of Autumn is so HARD to dress for! It's either too cold to go without a jacket, or its too warm to wear a chunky knit or coat! Not to mention shoes! Boots or pumps? Socks or no socks? I end up leaving the house wearing a thick(ish) quilted jacket and wearing summer pumps with no socks, which somehow isn't proportionally right.  

However, in the light of the autumnal months, after hunting through shops and internet sites, I have put together an outfit to wear around town or to work which will keep you warm but be light enough to wear.

This French Connection Coat from ASOS, is perfect for this seasons trend of contrasting fabrics and is wearable for both formal and casual attire. For a more formal approach, I paired it with some fitted black trousers and a cream blouse. To add an edge to the outfit, I chose to team the items with suede flatforms and a collar chain. Finally, to top the outfit off, I would wear it with Topshop's Geometric print Satchel for an addition of pattern.

Beauty wise, I thought the make-up could be fairly natural as there are quite a few dark pieces in the outfit. Although, blue nail varnish adds a bit of colour and will combine all the pieces together.

Kat x

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Dating back to the 1600's in Italy. Baroque was an era of artistic style that was filled with the arts as well as riches. From music to architect, everything was to the highest standard with every single detail covered. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, Baroque is back thanks to Dolce and Gabbana's A/W 12 catwalk. Packed with jacquard prints, ornate jewels and gold, who can't resist a bit of glamour? Especially since the Christmas season is round the corner, parties will be taking place everywhere and the perfect place to wear your version of the Baroque trend. 

Now I realise wearing lots of gold embellishment and large jewellery suits a night out. So to be more appropriate for everyday attire, Miss Selfridge's Baroque inspired Collar is perfect for sprucing up any basic outfit! For ideas, team it with a leather skirt, knitted jumper and some ankle boots or combine with a basic skater dress to add texture. 

Since I love collars (as the blog name suggests) and they're fashionable items at the moment. Over the next few weeks I'm thinking of doing a post on Collars in Fashion like this one. It will cover, outfit ideas as well as key prints and pieces for the trend. 
Do you have any suggestions of particular trends? I have a few ideas but what trends would you like to see?

Kat x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Remember the craze when you were younger? The array of colours and designs to choose from in shops, spending hours at home carefully compiling intricate images of whatever you could imagine.

Now, a few years on, the little beads are tucked away in the back of a wardrobe, or placed in a box up in the attic, neglected. Well now is the time to clamber up into the attic, search for that beaded box and create your most fashionable item to date.

There are many patterns you can create as well as a vast colour choice! I made three, turning one into a necklace and another into a brooch. But you could make earrings, a keyring...I could go on, the list is endless! 

The purple/white one is a FAIL! So take it as an example showing you not every pattern is easy to make with Hama Beads!

To make the geometric pattern above, follow this simple step by step.
You will need:
  • Three colours of your choice
  • A hexagon Hama bead board
  • An iron
  • Tracing Paper

Finally, all you have to do is cover the top with tracing paper and gently place the iron on top until the beads are fully stuck together. Once this is complete, to make a necklace, pierce a hole in the top and then thread the needle through to tie the thread together.

Have fun!

Kat x