Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Remember the craze when you were younger? The array of colours and designs to choose from in shops, spending hours at home carefully compiling intricate images of whatever you could imagine.

Now, a few years on, the little beads are tucked away in the back of a wardrobe, or placed in a box up in the attic, neglected. Well now is the time to clamber up into the attic, search for that beaded box and create your most fashionable item to date.

There are many patterns you can create as well as a vast colour choice! I made three, turning one into a necklace and another into a brooch. But you could make earrings, a keyring...I could go on, the list is endless! 

The purple/white one is a FAIL! So take it as an example showing you not every pattern is easy to make with Hama Beads!

To make the geometric pattern above, follow this simple step by step.
You will need:
  • Three colours of your choice
  • A hexagon Hama bead board
  • An iron
  • Tracing Paper

Finally, all you have to do is cover the top with tracing paper and gently place the iron on top until the beads are fully stuck together. Once this is complete, to make a necklace, pierce a hole in the top and then thread the needle through to tie the thread together.

Have fun!

Kat x

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