Monday, 31 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 7 Swans are Swimming

It's new years Eve!

This year has been so hectic and it's flown by! - It feels like only yesterday was the beginning of the summer!
I hope 2013 will be just as exciting with lots of new and exciting things for this blog!

Today's post is in two parts. As it's new years Eve, later I will post my outfit for the night, but first the next part of the 12 days of Christmas.

It's a simple idea that was sparked from the story of the Ugly Duckling! Embellishment can make an outfit and add a personal touch and the simplest way is to change buttons to make the garment look more expensive.
So take a plain old cardigan as the ugly duckling! You can buy loads of buttons from a haberdashery and they're usually under a £. Simply remove the old, boring buttons and sew on the new ones...Now you have a new cardigan that's transformed into a beautiful Swan! - There's no need to buy a new cardigan when you can just alter an old one!

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Scrolling through Net-a-porter, I found these AMAZING collars as part of Karl Lagerfeld's 'KARLouflage' collection. What's even better, their in the sale!

Black Pearls, Lace, Black Stud, Crystal beaded

These collars could be used with any basic top/jumper to give a casual but high end impression, such as a grey sweatshirt or a plain white t-shirt. They could even be worn as a choker necklace with a scoop top or maybe even a black dress?!

Kat xx

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 8 Maids are Milking

Dress - Boohoo, Clutch - Miss Selfridge, Hair Bow - ASOS, Nail Varnish - Revlon in 'Graceful', Watch - Daniel Wellington, Shoes - H&M

Today's outfit is a collection of pieces from shops and online to create a 'Maid' style outfit. The dress from Boohoo is so pretty plus, it's on sale now for a really good price!- It reminds me of the classic Chanel dress and it's also the perfect starting point for a Maids inspired outfit due to the lace and colours.

I kept the colour scheme of the outfit to black and white, so it was like the uniform Maids wear as well as to keep the outfit looking classic and girly.

Make-up wise, I would keep it minimal using natural skin colours on the eyes with a light pale pink lipstick.

Kat xx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 9 Ladies Dancing

Hi Guys!

The weather has been miserable for the past couple of days, meaning I've stayed inside, drinking lots of tea and wearing chunky knits.

I was hunting round for a jumper the other day, when I came across an old, moth bitten one. It was such a nice colour but full of holes round the neck. That's when I thought of a new DIY project.-today's 'how to' are some cosy leg warmers, made from the old jumper. They're quick to make meaning more time to wear them!

You will need:
An old (baggy) jumper
Matching Thread
Tacking Thread
Tailors chalk
A Ruler
Pins and a needle
A Sewing Machine

Personally, I don't wear leg warmers round the house on their own. I prefer to wear them with boots to cover the top and keep my feet extra warm. Or, you could even wear them as arm warmers if you wanted to!

Back tomorrow!

Kat xx

Friday, 28 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 10 Lords a' Leaping


Blazer - Thrifted, Shirt - Dorothy Perkins, Shorts - Topshop, Bow Tie - Jack Wills, Shoes - Office, Bag - M&S

It's the third day now and the Lords are Leaping! As Lords dress quite smart, this outfit takes their formality with a bit of a twist! I absolutely LOVE the bow tie, which I got for Christmas and it's the perfect thing for a Lords inspired outfit!
I experimented with the outfit when shooting; trying boots, heels, skirts and trousers. But I think these flatforms work best with the velvet shorts. - I'm now obsessed with velvet!!!
Hope you holidays are going well.

Kat xx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 11 Pipers Piping

Hi guys!
So, we're at 11 Pipers piping in the song and today's tutorial is a chunky rose ring, made out of the piping used to decorate edges of cushions.

I forgot to write the material list on my post yesterday - whoops! 
It's now on the youtube description for you.

Today you will need:
Piping (28 cm)
Matching Thread
Fabric Scissors

Top - Topshop, Jacket - New Look, Skirt - River Island, Tights - M&S, Socks - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop, Bag - FatFace

The main idea for this outfit was the tartan scarf, to link to Pipers Scottish roots. This scarf is perfect for the Tartan trend and great value for money! - I think it was £12 and it's wool, so it'll be nice and snug on those chilly days!

Other than the scarf, the outfit has no real relation to Pipers! The jacket tones down the outfit to make it more casual, so if you wanted to make it more dressy, a blazer or tailored jacket would fit. Likewise, plain tights will look just as good as these heart tights. - I would suggest lighter tights so the outfit isn't too dark.

Kat x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 12 Drummers Drumming

Hi guys! I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and you got lots of prezzies!

It's been a busy month and I would like to apologise for the lack of posts. There's just been so much to do recently with trips, mocks, schoolwork, as well as the Winter cold going round!
So to make up for this, on each of the twelve days of Christmas I will post a little sewing tutorial and/or an outfit, related to the song.

I've decided to work backwards through the days (no particular reason), starting with the 12 Drummers Drumming. Below is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a cut/embroidered card, that can be used as than-you cards for all your relatives and friends.

Jacket - Primark, Top - New Look, Trousers - River Island, Boots - River Island

Following a military theme, I used a blue velvet tailored jacket on top of an A-line Peter Pan collar top, to add a feminine touch. Teamed with some military boots and black jeans to finish, alternatively hareem pants or leggings if you prefer. This outfit is a slightly dressy/casual outfit that could be worn out for Christmas meals.
The 12 days of Christmas continues tomorrow with another tutorial for you to try. See you soon!

Kat x