Saturday, 9 March 2013


Recently plans for Prom have kicked up a notch. From book marking dresses to imagining the perfect arrival, it's a topical subject between friends and classmates.

But here lies the problem... I am ridiculously picky; no stiff satin, big gems/diamante encrusted, meringue dresses etc. Quickly filtering down the choices to a handful of dresses which actually exist. Not to mention every dress I pick out costs a small fortune! - I blame my mum for my expensive tastes.

So here are my very expensive yet gorgeous picks:
Halston Hertiage at Net-a-porter
I cannot get over how much I have fallen in love with this dress. The colour, the style, the length; it's all perfect... apart from the £545 price tag.
Money no object, this would be my dress in an instant! I prefer longer dresses for an occasion like prom just because where else can you wear a long formal dress? 
Worn with long neon earrings, strappy heels and a nicely styled up do, I would be all set. 

Leather and Chiffon gown, Metallic lace gown both from Harvey Nichols
An unusual colour choice for me but nothing stops these dresses being so edgy and elegant with pleats, lace and metallic! 
I think both dresses would look best with black or gold accessories. This would keep the outfit looking sophisticated, rather than wearing bold accessories which would detract the view from the dress. 
Natural tones for make-up such as browns, pale pinks and nude colours will compliment the dress well.

Long Catherine Dress by Alice Temperley

Black to prom may not be to everyone's tastes and I wouldn't usually choose it either. Although you have to admit with this dress is the exception! What I love most about this dress (apart from having my name) is the lace trim sleeves and detail. You wouldn't need too many accessories because the lace detail is the focus, but perhaps a small silver bracelet, worn with some bright red lipstick will add a little touch to the outfit.

Whilst looking on the Internet, I found a couple of websites for more affordable dresses which have a variety of colours and styles to choose from. A good rental site I found was Wish Want Wear, specialising in designer dresses at hire prices. Angel Dress and high street shops such as ASOS have some pretty prom dresses too. The best thing is to look in your local area for independent bridal/dress shops, they will have loads to choose from with the benefit of trying on before you buy. Plus, its likely no one else will have the same dress, compared to if you bought it from a high street shop.

Still on the hunt...

Kat xx

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Hi guys! I hope you are all well.

Yesterday, I went up to London with a friend and my mum. For absolutely AGES I had been wanting to see the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House, and I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to go - as it ends today. But very spontaneously on Friday night, we arranged to go up the following day!

Wandering round London

Seen as you enter the Valentino exhibition

The Grid

We also had time to go in the Courtauld Gallery looking at Picasso's early works.

Writing this post on the way home!

We went up on the Train to Waterloo and wandered around London, snapping up a few photos to help with my Art for school. It was quite chilly across the Thames and with forgetting my gloves, my hands quickly went numb! 

As we hadn't got any tickets for the exhibition beforehand, once we got to Somerset House, we had to queue to get tickets for a later entry. - This was the start of a long day of queueing!
With the tickets then in hand, we walked through the Grid at Somerset House, where it was much more quiet compared to the scenes at LFW! 

We stopped off at the Courtauld Gallery, to see the exhibition of Picasso's work before he turned to Cubism, as well as going through the rooms of German expressionism and the renaissance. - From Degas, to Manet, there were many famous artworks to look at.

After a stop at Bella Italia for lunch, we headed back to the Valentino Exhibition and it definitely didn't disappoint! There were 137 dresses spreading over 7 decades, all from Valentino's Haute Couture collections. The exhibition felt like you were walking down a catwalk, with either side filled with the gorgeous dresses and outfits, with tags next to outfits showing who had worn what on the red carpet. There were so many dresses I loved and wanted to wear! From lace to velvet and monochrome to sparkly numbers. All the dresses; whether made in the 50's or in the 90's, were timeless and you could imagine being worn in every era! - Giving me ideas for prom!?

Further on in the exhibition, there were videos and samples of some of the techniques used on the dresses, which I would one day like to try out myself. Many had been innovated by Valentino himself, especially a pale pink jacket made entirely out of fabric circles build up on top of each other. This meant as you moved, the jacket created a movement of its own. It really made you see the difference in Haute Couture, showing the most minute detail covered and sewn perfectly.

It was an amazing exhibition of Valentino's work, I had hoped to pick up postcards of some of the dresses or even a book, but there seemed to be only a few postcards to choose from and there was no book that showed any of the pieces in the exhibition. Other than that, it was a great day and I hope to go back to London very soon.

Kat xx