Sunday, 26 May 2013

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?: Update & 1 year!

It's currently exam season which means like many of you, my time has been filled with nothing but revision!

So don't worry I haven't abandoned Collar Block and I hope to be posting shortly when my exam list is a little less hectic.

Which brings me to a quick update about what's recently gone on. Thanks to you, I recently reached over 1000 page views! This is amazing, as what started out as one of many ideas to do and mess about with over the holidays last year, did I think people would actually view and enjoy it!

As well as this, it is now exactly 1 whole year since I started this blog; admittedly I didn't start posting until June, but it's been a year since I designed and named this blog! And I can tell you there's lots more planned to come over the next year and maybe a few more YouTube videos?

But there's more. I want you, yes you reading this to get involved! I would love to hear you ideas on what you would like to see me blog about. From outfits to hauls, what's in my bag, etc. It's up to you! So drop a comment down below or e-mail with your suggestions and I will pick some to do over the summer.

In other news, here's a few bits and pieces I've bought over the past month, ready for the summer ahead - finger crossed for sunshine!

Shoes - Primark, Sunglasses - H&M, Watch - River Island, Necklace - Claire's

Face Powder - Revlon, Eye shadow - B. , Nail Varnish in Blue Moon & Peach Melba - Barry M, Lip Butters in Creme Brulee & Peach Parfait - Revlon

I'm really into my statement Jewellery, worn with a baggy t-shirt and some skinnies - it's effortless yet still stylish!
I also LOVE the RI Watch! For absolutely ages I have been looking for the perfect chunky watch. I was intending to get a rose gold one, until I came across this cream watch. I think it will be a great complimentary piece and will go with so many outfits in the summer.

For make-up purchases, I chose neutral shades which give a shimmer for my lips and eyes. I would definitely recommend the Revlon colour burst lip butters; there's a variety to choose from and they give a nice finish. Revlon's powder is great but there is only three shades to choose from; hopefully there will be more shades to come out soon.

All that is needed now is some sunshine!

Kat xxx