Thursday, 29 August 2013


The Ragged Priest has always been a favourtie of mine; and not just because I share part of their name! Creating unique renewals of vintage pieces, with dip-dye, studs and fabric combo's, I've loved it all!
Their style has always been edgy and is perfectly fitting with the A/W13 trend of Punk. With the collection filled with mis-matched tartan, leather and cut-outs, there are some definite statement pieces.

If like me, you can't get enough of knitwear and sweaters, there are many great variations this A/W. A re-vamp of the plain old sweater, into the Angle Contrast Sweat, means you need only wear it with some black skinny's for a simple daytime look.
Aran and cable knit jumpers also look set to be a key trend for A/W - great for lounging around in! And the Ragged Priest's Drench Aran Knit has a colourful twist on the original.

Leather is also a focus piece in the theme. Last year, we had leather skater skirts - my favourite of A/W 12.
This year, it's all about wearing the basics in leather. From a plain t-shirt (below), to an a-line dress and pencil skirt; you'll definitely need at least one in your wardrobe!

For accessories and embellishment, anything involving fringing, studs, exposed zips or metal detailing is set for the punk trend. If you don't want to go over the top too much, simply wear a little bit of fringing on a crop-top or shorts like above. Silver jewellery is a good compliment with punk inspired outfits, especially fine chain necklaces and many rings, as they won't detract from the outfit.

As a final touch, don't forget a pair of Dr. Martens or cut-out boots!

Kat xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013


To brighten up any outfit or to add a statement, Kimono's are perfect. From a huge choice of lengths, fabrics, colours, prints and embellishments; you can certainly find one tailored to your style and personality.

You name it. There's one for every occassion; casual/daytime, lounging, evening wear, etc. I personally love the plain fringed kimonos with colourful embroidered motifs, worn with some skinny's or disco pants and wedges for an evening out.

For a more boho vibe, a floral kimono teamed with a loose cream dress or white cropped jeans with sandals would look great at the remaining festivals! If you're looking for one, the likes of Ebay and TopShop have a good selection to choose from, ranging for traditional oriental prints, to more modern fabrics.

P.S. If like me, you received your GCSE's on Thursday, well done and I hope they're what you wanted!

Kat xxx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pick of the Week: JELLY SANDALS

Think back to when you were a kid having to choose from a selection of ice cream. There were a variety of flavours in bright colours to consider; do you go from pastel mint, classic vanilla, or even exotic mango sorbet? But whatever the flavour, it couldn't be without the final touch of a scattering of sprinkles!

Well, Juju's infamous Jellies are back, with the nostalgia from the 90's, where as a kid, they were all the rage. Just like ice cream there is a choice of 'flavours'; from neon to pastel, metallic to transparent and all in an array of colours, it's hard to choose. Not forgetting to top it off, a little glitter! Worn either with ruffle socks or on their own, they're a great addition for summer, even when the weather isn't at its best!

Hmm, I think I'll have chocolate please.

Kat xxx

Saturday, 10 August 2013


It's been a good 7 months since my last D.I.Y video and I feel its much overdue for another! This time I decided to recycle an old pair of jeans into embellished shorts, rather than to just throw them away.

You will need:
A pair of old jeans/shorts
Fabric Scissors
Needle and thread (for tacking)
Sewing Machine
Tailors chalk
See what you think and have a go yourself. If you've tried it out, don't forget to comment and tell me how it went!

Kat xxx