Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pick of the Week: JELLY SANDALS

Think back to when you were a kid having to choose from a selection of ice cream. There were a variety of flavours in bright colours to consider; do you go from pastel mint, classic vanilla, or even exotic mango sorbet? But whatever the flavour, it couldn't be without the final touch of a scattering of sprinkles!

Well, Juju's infamous Jellies are back, with the nostalgia from the 90's, where as a kid, they were all the rage. Just like ice cream there is a choice of 'flavours'; from neon to pastel, metallic to transparent and all in an array of colours, it's hard to choose. Not forgetting to top it off, a little glitter! Worn either with ruffle socks or on their own, they're a great addition for summer, even when the weather isn't at its best!

Hmm, I think I'll have chocolate please.

Kat xxx

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