Sunday, 25 May 2014


I can't quite believe how fast this year has gone! CollarBlock is coming up to its second birthday and I've just finished my first year of A-levels... where has the time gone?!

Yet, now my exams are over, blogging can take the forefront, so what's a better way to start than with a compilation of trends to get your wardrobe ready for Spring/Summer '14?

'SS14 Scrapbook', is a little guide to my favourite trends and designers, including outfit ideas and highstreet finds to try out this summer.

Summer to most is about colour - putting away those dark chunky knits and adopting much lighter pastels and bold tees instead.  Embracing bold prints has been French fashion house Celine, whose catwalk show looked as if models had walked straight out of an art class!

The bold brushstrokes in primary colours on skirts, dresses and tops, add some fun to an outfit and are a great way to incorporate colour if you tend to wear outfits consisting of a lot of dark colours.

| Vest Top - Zara | Sweatshirt - TopShop | Box tee - Zara | Boyfriend Jeans - Ralph Lauren

A bold painted item will create a striking outfit, even if that's just some black skinnies and ankle boots.  The TopShop sweater is quite versatile in its styling; laidback in a pair of mom jeans or more feminine in an over-the-knee pencil skirt.  Likewise, the Ralph Lauren jeans can add an interesting twist on a classic 'chilled out' outfit with a white t-shirt and trainers.

Though if you're really loving this trend, Zara have some key pieces as part of their TRF range.  The two tops above would look stylish teamed with a long beige/camel blazer, black skinny jeans and either heeled boots or a pair of plimsolls.  Just add a statement head piece; a head turban or a Fedora hat, to complete the look for that art student vibe.

On an arty note, artists like Francoise Nielly and Nelly Dimitranova create amazing portaits using expressive brushstrokes.  So if you're not too keen on wearing the paint yourself, there's always canvas prints and artwork!

Francoise Nielly                                                                                     Nelly Dimitranova

My appreciation 'no.1:GOLD'

Inspired by their works, I had a go at a quick portrait. Using mainly acrylics and some metallics to elevate the piece, I limited myself to half an hour so the artwork kept a loose feeling.

Being much looser with your brushstrokes means it doesn't matter if you make a mistake! It's all part of the final image and it can be such a unique way of creating portraits of friends and family.

That's it for the first in many posts to come, hope you have a great bank holiday (if you're in the UK)!

Kat xxx