Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I've never had one favourite artist, there are just too many to choose from!  Hence, finding new and exciting artists always interests me; learning of new conceptual ideas, fueling inspiration for the next art project!

Recently, I came across an Italian artist, Alberto Seveso, who creates unique ink explosions in water and photographs to capture the fluidity and the beautiful movement of colour within the explosions.

Using photoshop and also working as an illustrator, his work - especially his portraiture work - suggests he is breaking down images to unveil the different layers with fluid and interlocking shapes; almost having an 'evaporated' quality.
'Disastro Ecologico IV' 

The subtle and calming colour scheme, particularly the use of mauve and combinations of blues and pinks in his work, add a mystical feeling .  Highlighting the softness of the shapes formed; creating connotations of clouds.

Used on many album covers, such as Temper Tramp, Seveso's inky explosions create a bold statement whilst maintaining an element of delicacy in the shaping of the clouds.

I had a go at creating my own inky clouds.  Filling a jar with boiled water, I gradually dripped in various colours of food dye to build layers of colour and capture cloud explosions forming.  Here are the results...

The process is great to watch and probably most effective as a video to watch the clouds fully develop.   

Food dye is actually quite effective! Although the clarity of the cloud was hard to achieve, the close-up is not too bad for household materials!  Using the correct lighting and a clear background, I reckon these homemade ink cloud developments could make for really effective photographs.

Further inspired by his work, flicking through some old magazines I found an article reflecting Seveso's work. Used as a conceptual presentation for perfume bottles, I thought it was very fitting to suggest the smells and essences of perfume.

What do you think of Seveso's work?

Kat x