Wednesday, 26 November 2014


'Writing with fire'.  Its amazing what can be achieved with burning into wood, more commonly known as Pyrography.
If you follow my instagram, (if not, you're missing out!) you may have seen my first attempt at etching into wood.

|I chose a rep of Bambi - keeping a woodland and nature feel theme |

Using only a basic kit I picked up in hobbycraft - a Kirstie Alsopp craft kit no less, I am amazed at the results and effect Pyrography creates.  Once I found my feet, after getting to grips with using the different pen nibs and developing a way of shading, I found using wood and 'fire' an interesting alternative to drawing on pen and paper.

| Etching out the initial outline |

| Adding in the shading |

The set I bought provided a variety of nibs to choose from; including those to draw with and decorative tools.  For the shading, I used a decorative nib which etched in multiple lines I could build up for depth.

Kat x

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